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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the Mead-Mt. Spokane Transportation Area Plan (TAP), a Spokane County and WSDOT-led effort to establish a long-term vision for the Mead/Day Mt. Spokane area. Working with residents, business owners and more, the plan will provide a sense of how locals feel the area should grow, establishing a solid foundation for County initiatives and investment. Planning efforts have now wrapped up, but check out process documents and findings here, and feel free to send last-minute comments using the Contact form below!




The Mead-Mt. Spokane TAP will engage the community to envision the future of the area, including use patterns and transportation features. Start to finish, our timeline is tight - here’s a quick summary: 


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February – Project begins; community polling, research interviews (DONE)

March – Public workshop, develop draft strategies (DONE)

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May – Public workshop, strategy refinement (DONE)

June – Draft plan submittal, County review

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June – Final plan delivery, approval + site transfer to Spokane County

Implementation begins!

Contact Us


Developing a great plan requires lots of community input. In addition to attending events and meetings, share your questions, thoughts and ideas using the form below. Want to chat with the project manager directly? Contact Kara Mowery at Spokane County Public Works.


Kara Mowery
Transportation Project Manager
Spokane County Public Works
1026 W Broadway Avenue

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